Forged as a totem, tall proud divine,
Father yields no im-pures with emotions entwined

Deity exclusively chooses, speaks to providence,
Turned a demigod but at what expense

No existing or balance on this scornful plane
Sacrifice to supernatural, shred the skin and name

Deal with Devil, the maker and Lord
Knighted with immorality, kneel to the sword

Soul poisoned, mockery of life with counterfeit peace,
Repelled by Angels, wings ordered to release

Belong neither promised land or hell fire,
Traitor for both, a premature death, a mongrel sire

In limbo, a phantom apparition where shadows are bleak,
A ghost, a spirit, with no spirit to speak

A false illusion, a cursed timeless half breed,
Weak in mental minds, drifters plant the seed

Peace in death, a misconception and myth,
Spoke by martyrs, calm passing is the gift

Voice of the sinners torment the alive,
Reaching not to join but to reality survive

Only the unique hears the cries of the anguish,
Brings own agony and a looped death wish

Shared minds where illusions are bound,
Labels of anxieties, an illness with no sound

Irony of the damned offering aid and relief,
Is the exaggeration of mad nocturnal belief

Only those closer to reality hear the tone,
Judged by ignorant, who fear the not alone

Souls lost in oblivion, scorned by brothers,
Scream for redemption and freedom of others

Adrift lives, rejected by the wrath of God’s throng,
When finally accepted by few, will play their last song

To pretend or distract or spurn the lonely presence,
Will increase the will for some external essence

Living and dead, crave their destiny and fate,
Death already sealed, the manner held as bait

Brain illness, an open eye in the sea of the blind,
Sees beyond truth, detects the conscience between the mind.

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