Awaiting inside when you’re born
Awakes from slumber at any age
Mutates into many sly forms
Adopts a method to slide from its cage

Feeds insecurities with whimpering tales
Controls from within, it must speak truth
Vocation to protect, although always fails
Lays seeds of doubt in minds of youth

Check, wash, clean, obsess on thoughts
Displays futures that couldn’t exist
A freedom collapse, never gets caught
Can’t reject compulsion, or fear persists

Not a creature notice or sees
How an OCD mind clouds and clears
Beg for a waking mass of peace
Only your design knows and hears

A false protector, a damned ally
For crowded years, the only truth known
Notified to check again and ask why?
Replies family be dispatched, be all alone

To save others, you produce the sacrifice,
Of running disconnected mean tasks
Has no consequence, only in your life
Can’t help but continue, all that it asks

Forsaken on a bottomless ledge
To avoid, it makes the host pay
Not living life, just on the edge
When the host denies, it adapts to stay

An expert of charm and seduction
Lures you to pursue its crazy design
Fated to forever complete its function,
For I am its and it is mine.

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