Its Only Words

Shed ink instead of blood
As unattended thoughts leads to anguish,
Congruent flowed words speak truth
And the Pain will disperse fluently through the letters,
Tear drops will fall, producing the ink to run
Spilling a web of blackness telling it’s own story,
A minor irritation to tolerate
As words from a emotive heart cannot lie,
They reflect back to a strangers eyes
Strengthening with every view,
Their breath will shallow as reality of your painted picture plays out,
deftly speaking to the reader,

Echoes of hurt touch the senses that play on the soul
Communicating deeply in every language,
Emotions speak blindly, never restraining
Or releasing it’s power,
Books are alive as you and I
as long as it’s written it breathes.
Release the pain by solidifying unguarded thoughts
Describe hell as it’s seen uniquely,
Mental stigma is immortal through the ages
In our history people expressed in words of code
Composing life as if you’re embedded on the pages
Guarantees in time your story will be told.

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