Dreams can come true

Thinking is nights blinking
Keeping awake the conscience
Alerting panic to stand by
Even though it’s a lie.
Sanity briefly held together
By a strand of rationality
That’s left in a reality.
Would I really do this
Could this really happen?
No not today, or ever,
But the mind lives it as truth
Senses and heart in overdrive
Bringing death closer through neglect.
The body lives by the heads guidance
Believing the false inevitable,
Asking what’s the use
In carrying on towards oblivion
As an supposed evil or fractured person
In this squalor we call freedom.
If the eyes saw what the body felt
The shock would kill the soul,
The hand would let blood flow,
Flooding the sanctuary of the mind
Until there can be no more questioning,
No Arguing or inner struggles with ones self.
Is it best to surrender prematurely
Instead of forever defining
Peoples altered perspectives of love and hate?.
Its tiring,
I wish I had the strength to just lay down and die
And release my soul, to this unknown fate.


  1. God! Never felt so close to anyone or poet before. Never thought I’ll meet a poet who writes so similar to me in so many aspects. Hope I can get to read more and even get the opportunity to relate with the poet. I love it and this is awesome Chris!!!! No that’s an understatement……..this-is-ECSTATIC!!!!!!

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  2. Letting your soul go is not strength
    there’s no courage by doing it neither
    true courage & strength you will get
    by fighting and becoming an achiever
    doesn’t have to be a big victory or win
    can be small if your soul get to heaver
    the important thing is to do it everyday
    with time you’ll become mind’s leader.



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