Just smile…


A Smile is a beautiful gift
Designed to give life a lift,
A Smile can bring love to the dying
And comfort to the crying,
It can bring warmth to the cold
And youth to the old,
It can be quiet or loud
Make you stand out from the crowd,
An amazing natural energy of light
Causing the lowest soul to take flight

A Smile can bring calm to the mad
And happiness to the sad,
Make your greatest enemy dance
Giving hope and friendship a chance,
A grin that spreads from ear to ear
Comes from a place real and sincere,
It turns nightmares to dreams
Develops into laughter with screams,
Brings joy to all around
A feeling of music, with no sound

A Smile is unique and gives a person class
A received priviledge, not having to ask,
Gives hope to the deepest darkest dread
A gift shared with nothing said,
Turns the heat of the moment calm
A feeling of alone, turning to warm,
Share your Smile, let it go
It will light up the darkest soul,
Unleash the expression, don’t keep it
Reveal to all, your beautiful secret,
It’s an wonder and a gift given so true
Smile and the people will smile with you 😊


We all need humour right? And people with negative thoughts, and sufferers of ill mental health have awesome sense of humours, we’re just to scared to show it, through fear of rejection or saying the wrong thing or offending.

But it’s there, along with the awesome imagination and when used it can build many positive connections.

Its the same as negative thoughts you can be creative and use your humour elsewhere, drawings, photos and captions, writing sketches, or videos.

Speaking personally I have a wicked and strange sense of humour, and when something hits me in the right spot, I’m off with the fairies laughing, creasing up. It just brings so much fun. Humour is a natural part of the mind which can be buried deep, but when reached and arisen to the surface it’s a dominant force overriding all.

Me I like to use poetry, so here’s a bit of light coming from the dark. . .


A Chance Romance at the Office

A door opened
My arm yanked back
In a pitch black room
With no grace or tact

Shut in a cupboard
The room really stinks
Opposite she inhales
Thank God I wore Lynx

Holds my hands
Stands real close
I can smell her breath
I think she’s had toast

Pulls me in for the kill
I hope i don’t spoil it
Squeezes me tight
So I now need the toilet

Snogs me hard
My heart races
I feel her tounge
Didn’t know she wore braces

Let’s out a sigh
Knowing she’s sinned
I let out air
But mine is just wind

The light then clicks on
And she sees my face
Her mouth drops
Now knowing her mistake

I’m not who she thought
You should of seen her
Run out the office
After kissing the cleaner

Her lover popped out
Steve from room two
Their having an affair
Only me that knew

They always meet here
Tounges down their throat
But Steve had to leave
So I nicked his coat.


Chris Chant 2018