No Love Lost

A child with sensitivity to feelings
Living with a parent with no emotion,
Is like drowning in the ocean,
Never dying.
The adult only walks the selfish direction
Widening the gap of bond and blood
Separating the connection
Between father and son,
Family home a safe haven turned toxic
By the golem who created his kingdom,
And his alone.
Willing freely to give you away,
Maybe bribe you with silver
To leave their place
So you burden them no more

Sowed the seed but not willing to feed
The emotionally hungry figure of youth,
Not because of behavioral actions
Or laziness tendencies on your part,
But through deviant selfishness
To thrive without ties of a child
Giving the responsibility of parent
To the world,
No wonder as an adolescent we feel abandoned,
Left stranded to survive
With no tools to speak of,
Its pointless to eventually seek blame
They hold no shame,
And learn nothing other to treat your babe,
Their legacy and grandchild,
The same.


A nights sleep and the heart pumps bigger
Now what hits is the constant trigger

My skin is so wet, and my nerves are soaked
My soul is flat, and my will is choked

I feel there is light, I feel heat in my eyes
A brighter appearance brings up a good cry

I put down the bottle, throw down the cork
Open the door and skip as I walk

The outlook is clearer, different and real
Feels like the air, has shook off its chill

A smile breaks free, wide and thin
The combined warmth, comes from within

Another same day, from beginning to end
Half wearing the mask, half full of pretend

One extreme to the other, to which I seem bound
Desperately searching, for some middle ground.

Never Alone

I wish I could wrap my arms around the world,

Sheltering you from pain,

Softly hold you close

to share the burden,

Bring warmth through a hold of a hand,

knowing that life is like a fortress built on sand,

I see that eyes can shine with sadness behind,

A radiant smile masks stolen tears

taken from your place of serenity,

I recognize – beautiful can be broken

So I travel my thoughts

over great distance

hoping you recieve some comfort

from these imaginings unspoken.


Thoughts can’t change events. They can’t stop or make something happen. Where they are powerful is sharing thoughts of comfort. Let people know you’re thinking of them. It can be through a call, email or text. It’s so easy today to communicate.

No matter how far away someone can be, let them know you’re there, thinking about them. Don’t put it off or think you’re do it tomorrow, do it today, bring the world closer.

It can bring warmth and happiness.

Today, let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Remember how it feels when someone reminds you you’re in their thoughts. It produces an inner smile.


 Awaiting inside when you’re born
Awakes from slumber at any age
Mutates into many sly forms
Adopts a method to slide from its cage

Feeds insecurities with whimpering tales
Controls from within, it must speak truth
Vocation to protect, although always fails
Lays seeds of doubt in minds of youth

Check, wash, clean, obsess on thoughts
Displays futures that couldn’t exist
A freedom collapse, never gets caught
Can’t reject compulsion, or fear persists

Not a creature notice or sees
How an OCD mind clouds and clears
Beg for a waking mass of peace
Only your design knows and hears

A false protector, a damned ally
For crowded years, the only truth known
Notified to check again and ask why?
Replies family be dispatched, be all alone

To save others, you produce the sacrifice,
Of running disconnected mean tasks
Has no consequence, only in your life
Can’t help but continue, all that it asks

Forsaken on a bottomless ledge
To avoid, it makes the host pay
Not living life, just on the edge
When the host denies, it adapts to stay

An expert of charm and seduction
Lures you to pursue its crazy design
Fated to forever complete its function,
For I am its and it is mine.

A Space in Time

One thing is forever infinite in life
People will persevere to knock you down
But the resilience will just increase
And the king shall wear the crown

A jealous mind turns easily shallow
Empty words used to make you cry
Invisible strangers use free will for offence
I shall use it as fuel to fly

As with sad being used to bring out the happy,
Critical is used to bring up the best
Only the future can be re-written
Unjustified insults are used as a test

Lack of understood breeds humoured insult
Honesty is a gift but abuse is attack
A hollow joke hits a hard shell
Gets through defence, but doesn’t knock back

Everyone’s acceptance I don’t want to achieve
I’m just a simple man with a story to tell
When it comes to wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Then for that, maybe I’m guilty as hell.

Storm Never Came (Suicide lays dormant)

Balance is one of life’s skills
Steering a ship through a perfect storm
The ideal happening is to be still
In todays world, that’s not the norm.

To find the perfect place in life,
Peace, warmth and tranquillity
Opposite feels like a sharp knife,
or out of breath, bottom of the sea

Weighing up the moments of our time
Mood dependant on rain or shine
Mind topples with the weight of it all,
Playful imaginings, turning suicidal

Would it hurt to give nature a nudge,
Hoping survival wouldn’t bare a grudge
If fate steps in and breaks my fall,
I could land on middle ground I wasn’t looking for

Feeling drunk when not even drinking
On solid ground, but inside sinking
Point of no return is not forgiving
Decisions near death, as hard as near living

I knew someone who acted on doubt,
So I’ve always seen it as a way out.

I started to worry when my mind went quiet,
So this is my idea of a spoken riot,
Putting it all down for all to see,
How this was an option, taken seriously

Looking at it now, it feels of nonsense
In death, I never wanted life on my conscience
I talked, I listened, I called my own bluff,
Luckily for me, in the end, enough was never enough