Clean Slate

Clean Slate
Humanity lifted high and proud,
History gone, lived and learned,
Mind has shifted, peace now allowed,
Eyes opened, soul upside turned

Forgive makeshift will, mind was tainted,
Parallel universe looped by a chain,
The past picture drawn never painted,
Etching smeared, washed with tears of rain

Annoyance and anger, burdening hate,
Lived far cry of true person,
Second childhood thoughts came late,
Always sinking, a percentage certain

Whirlwind of emotion and feelings,
Raw, slick, next day flood of regret,
Quantity of crowds let down and reeling,
In stone the actions made but not set

Alcohol a fool’s gold amplifier,
Clean body, clean slate, sound thinking,
Long wait to have trust from a liar,
Fit actions and words with careful linking

With distance, social grace comes with ease,
It’s a chemical curse you can’t rescind,
Helps to be forgiven though, the mind frees,
As with life? the answers in the wind


I ran a half marathon today and for me about half way round I always notice a time when my thoughts go dark and deep and start to question if I’m going to make or feel ill. How many people am I going to let down? if I have to stop and walk it means I’m useless. All these intrusive thoughts go through my head. It’s the same with a lot of situations in my life, sooner or later there is going to be a intrusive negative thought.

I have learnt to accept this and when the thought comes along just to allow it, accept it and proceed with what ever situation I’m in. The only person judging me is myself. I finished the run quite comfortably which I knew I would because I trained for it, and felt quite pleased with myself.
Now after I get an intrusive thought and move on from it, I see it as a clean slate to move forward from, Hence the title of this poem. Nothing is a hundred percent certain in life and looking for perfection will drive you mad, just accept it and move forward….




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