Happiness comes for free
But you have to work hard
And stable,
Because in the areas
Where you have to relinquish control
Is when Boundaries can blur
And restraint is tested
To the point of emotion
Blended with fear.

At these times
Responsibility falls
To the unknown,
The robots
Who lack imagination
And understanding,
We must stay strong
And focused on our balance
Instead of trying to teach
The empty
That compassion and empathy exist,
Even though all they feel
Sat there,
Clueless and alone,
In the middle of the road
Is the cold.


Tell me if you’re smitten
With anything I’ve written
Words and spelling may be crude
Fine line between offending and prude
But, the beautiful reactions I’m searching for
Heart fluttering as emotions
Knock the conscious reader to the floor.

Full of feeling
Leaving it suspenseful
Mental notes dutifully made
No pens or pencils

Has this got you wondering
Thinking how it can be
How every verse reaching out
Is this about me,
This is for the people
If you needed a life poke
Positive or negative
Written and not spoke
To help push through the day
Something creative
Made on display,
For you to read again and again
For the talented and emotional
There is no end.

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They told me I wouldn’t rise
That I always cry wolf
To suit my attention hunger
And old scars bleed the truth

Boundaries choke the freedom
Witnesses weep in pools of grief
Still the tramps trample on
Walk the stones of disbelief

Ravaged by the winds
See paradise as under a spell
Truth leads me to a hell hole
Or the very least, a whole lot of hell.

Little help from friends

Called in to the darkness

Carried on until I was lost
Seduced by the shadows
Jumped lines I Shouldnt of crossed
Tempted to the side of selfishness
To which I felt a little scared
But the most frightening thing
Was, I don’t think I cared
It felt wrong under my feet
Like a never ending Ramble
With promises of riches
If I stepped and took the gamble.
Millions fall in the trap
Pushed to thrive in Addiction
And the story of their hell
Sounds like a work of fiction
No way out for the prisoners
Only chance is redemption
Forever chained to a lock of guilt
To resist the fear of temptation.

Sent from my Galaxy

Black Rain

Write how you feel they say
But that changes every day
So far up, to falling down
Swimming easy, only to drown

If you want to be real
Write down how you feel
From so excited, to endless pain
Sunshine happy, turning acid rain

Show emotions in the words
If you want to be heard
But noone hears the dying
Or the energy from trying

Show people how you felt
In this, a cry for help
But noone wants you dead
In your story that they read.

Share a poem of your own
To believe you’re not alone
Write how you feel, they say
Maybe I will one day.

Between Sleep

When scared
Why do we hide,
Does hopeless on the out
Mean dead inside

If we’re real and truthful
We tried,
The bed is always honest
On which I lied

We regret the huge
Accept the irrational,
As a step we slipped passed
Beyond the natural

Never took the chance
I could of, and then cried,
I live forever hopeful
In the bed in which I died.